Interactive Experiential Studio Website

Hi, all! I just completed a major update to my design studio’s website making extensive use of Three.js. I’m an experiential creative director / technologist making interactive 3D environments for exhibits, museums, conferences and other brand experiences, along with industrial design and technology management. I used to use a fairly standard squarespace website (now relegated to, but I think this is a much better display of what I do!

I’ve also made a version of the site at that’s optimized for viewing in VR - especially standalone headsets like the Quest 2 that I can’t easily push apps to. Three.js with WebXR is proving to be a really useful and easy way to distribute VR experiences, better even than making them in Unreal Engine and offering through the App Lab. I’m also using Felix Mariotto’s great Three-Mesh-UI library to parse my HTML/CSS text sections as mesh objects that you can create, destroy and move around with the VR controllers.

I’d appreciate if you could take a look and let me know what you think!