Three.js hazy light

Good day.

I already created a topic in which there was something like that, but the main question did not remain open.

How do you make such a hazy light?

Can anyone have certain assumptions, developments, examples?

I’m not sure this was suggested before but using a (selective) bloom effect should be a good start:


Otherwise the dusty glowing effect near the ground could be achieved with a particle system.

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With this format, the fog is very pixelated in perspective. And not quite the same effect as needed.
and also the problem is that there are already objects with a glow on the scene. then you need to do other parameters for the glow of these objects. Selective bloom with different parameters

but all the same, because of the pixelation, it does not look very good.

just for example, how bad this option looks

Previous discussions:

The effect is set way too high here and it’s completely blown out. Can you set the intensity lower?

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