Is it possible to create multiple fog-like objects?

I’m attempting to create a scene using First Person Controls that has two, differently colored areas that are visible when the camera is outside of them. You could imagine them as clouds of smoke that, once the camera is inside, have the general properties of Three’s native fog.

I’ve tried doing this by using pointlights, spotlights, and god-rays but I cannot getting the discrete areas of color.

Ridiculous image attached if it’s of any use better-describing what I’m trying to do.

Thanks - this is my first time doing anything beyond basic geometry/objects with three.js so hoping there’s something obvious I’m not seeing :slight_smile:

I’m not entirely sure I follow what you want to do here - do you want something like a particle cloud that is invisible from the inside? I.e. do you want this foggy object to vanish once the camera is inside it?

Are you writing glsl?