Three.js Cookbook Relevance

Hello. I study Three.js from the Cookbook(2015).
Unfortunately, I have to skip recipes because of this some things are removed (THREE.JSONLoader has been removed. for example). How relevant is this book today? Does she have a decent analogue?
PS book is very liked, very accessible material

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A book from 2015 is outdated. I would recommend the resources mentioned on the homepage:


Thank you. I study too.
I would like something else like a book with a consistent explanation.

Then give a try. It’s written by one of the project collaborators.


Thanks for the reccomendation :slight_smile:

There’s an updated version of the book on my staging site here:

It’s got quite a bit more content than the live version.


If you are new to three.js, you will certainly be interested in a current book and possibly in the examples from this forum.

See Collection of examples from

For each example there is a link to the forum. For the basic examples in source code.

If something doesn’t work with the latest three.js version and you don’t know how to adapt it, you can ask there. :slightly_smiling_face: