Threejs Book For Beginners

**Hello Everyone! **

I’m new here. Any books out there that can really and greatly help a beginner? (AI are frustrating sometimes). Thanks alot, Coders!

Three.js is quite mature, but it’s evolving pretty much month-over-month (especially in the recent versions), and introduces breaking changes quite often.

Learning it from books may lead to more confusion and frustration than doing any good as big chunk of that knowledge may be outdated already - consider online courses, for example, as these are easier and quicker to update compared to printing and releasing books :relieved:


Oh! I’ll surely check that out! Thanks alot, friend


As a beginner, I learned a lot from examples and collected them.

This can be a start:


Would also recommend threejs-journey, it’s not free but constantly kept up to date, and it’s made by someone with a design background and a long career in the industry before teaching.
That’s very rare, most high level agencies or designers do not share or reveal their secrets while the hobbyist space is far removed to it in regards to quality of content.
There are free learning resources available but you’ll often find yourself spinning green cubes and that gets old quick. Imo far more important than all the technicalities is creative sprit and having real, approachable goals. Not to mention that learning three is a gateway to blender and other things you’ll learn in the process. Journey goes into that, too.


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