Sunposition 3D viewer

Hi folks!

Just made an app to visualize the sun position for a given location at a given time. Now it is super easy to export the house model from blender and share the interactive link anyone can acess without installing anything.

Live app:
Source: GitHub - elschilling/sunposition: Sun position 3D viewer


@elschilling Loved it, i thought the same idea with moon. Like crescent moon and all the variations. You should try with mon. And how much time you gave to this project?

That’s a great approach tp visualizing the sky.

One small suggestion - I would generally start with the viewer in the northern hemisphere which is where 87% of the world population is located. I was initially surprised to see the axis of the sun angled to the north until I realized that your default position was in the southern hemisphere.

Also are you using UTC time? I was confused as to why the sun was not overhead at 12:00 hours, but suspect that is the reason.

If you are interested, I tried creating a similar kind of demo of the sky which includes the sun, moon and stars (at night). On the view tab, select “One Day”. Perhaps the program contains something useful that you can appropriate and use in yours.

As noted, one challenge I faced was matching the time to the view. I opted to use local time, but - rather than using exact time zones - simply divided the earth into 24 segments. Also, I ignored local seasonal adjustments like daylight savings time. Alternatively, instead of allowing the user to select the exact location, you could allow the user to select from a list of locations and you could compute exact information for each location.

I hope that helps.

Nice one. If you could make it so that an openStreet map or other online maps with 3d models could be loaded in, maybe with an option for drawing custom polygons to simulate builds planned, than this would be greatly useful for normal users as well.