Simulating sun position in the sky

Using the WebGL shaders example I’m trying to model a sky with the current sun position in the antipode of the current location. For this I’m reading the gps location and calculating the sun position and time of the other side of the world. The idea is to show the ‘other side’ using this sky dome simulation with the camera pointing towards the top (90 degrees angle) and updating the sun position every few seconds. Everything is going all right but I can’t figure how to use the data to edit the altitude and azimuth of the sun or change the camera upwards (the values from the calculation of the sun position doesn’t affect the simulation, but if I put the azimuth/altitude values manually they move the sun inside the sky dome).

Any help? You can see the site with the data at Thanks a lot for any help!

A fiddle:

Edited with more info and a fiddle that won’t show the 3D sky dome.