Sky Shader example

Hey, im trying to implement the Sky Shader example, but I get a black screen. This is what I implement. I dont need a sun, or is it necessary? I set my camera.far very high = new Sky()

var uniforms =;
uniforms[ "turbidity" ].value = 10
uniforms[ "rayleigh" ].value = 2
uniforms[ "mieCoefficient" ].value = .005
uniforms[ "mieDirectionalG" ].value = .8
uniforms[ "luminance" ].value = 1

Yes a sun is necessary.

By sun do you mean directional light? It’s all happening in a shader and the example does not use one so that shouldn’t be needed.

@Fluqz you’ll have to post more of your code or a jsfiddle for people to help with why it’s not displaying

Just a Vector3 not a directional light, the uniform sunPosition which is by default 0,0,0.