EDIT: Shader only works with GUI - why?

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I have been trying to implement the sky shader example in my project but keep just getting a black ‘sky’. I struggled to get my local project working live anywhere - but it was based initially on this starter project.

I have made a glitch where I have tried to implement the sky shader into said starter project and I get the same result of a black sky.

I can’t see anything happening in the official example that doesn’t happen in this glitch app so i’m confused why it isn’t working.

The glitch link was broken so I have updated the original glitch ‘sky-shader-test’ - I hope the link works, i’m not sure what happened to the last one.

I’m trying to work out two things: why I can only get the sky working when i use GUI to input values and not when I want to hard code said values.

I have also noticed that the ‘exposure’ doesn’t act the same way that the example does. It affects the brightness of the cube but not the sky itself.

When opening this glitch, the following error appears:

No project found at tested-royal-fascinator, perhaps a typo?

Thanks @Mugen87 I must have broken the link somehow (new to glitch).

I couldn’t figure out how to get the glitch to rebuild bundle.js, but it’s probably because you’re only setting all the uniforms within the guiChanged method:

function guiChanged() {
  var uniforms = sky.material.uniforms;
  uniforms['turbidity'].value = effectController.turbidity;
  uniforms['rayleigh'].value = effectController.rayleigh;
  uniforms['mieCoefficient'].value = effectController.mieCoefficient;
  uniforms['mieDirectionalG'].value =

  var theta = Math.PI * (effectController.inclination - 0.5);
  var phi = 2 * Math.PI * (effectController.azimuth - 0.5);

  sun.x = Math.cos(phi);
  sun.y = Math.sin(phi) * Math.sin(theta);
  sun.z = Math.sin(phi) * Math.cos(theta);


  renderer.toneMappingExposure = effectController.exposure;
  renderer.render(scene, camera);

If you don’t want a GUI, move all these lines out of this function.

Thanks for looking. I use rollup -c "rollup_dev_config.js" -w

I will try again - initially I tried implementing without the GUI and setting the uniforms seperately, but kept being faced with a black render. Will update if I can recreate.

This is what I meant. When I remove GUI all together, and try to set uniforms and sun position myself, I can’t see the sky.

You are not setting uniforms correctly. You can’t do:

sky.material.uniforms = {
	turbidity: 10,
	rayleigh: 3,
	mieCoefficient: 0.005,
	mieDirectionalG: 0.7,
	inclination: 0.49, // elevation / inclination
	azimuth: 0.25, // Facing front,
	exposure: 0.5,

it should be:

// Add Sky
const sun = new Vector3();

var theta = Math.PI * ( 0.49 - 0.5 );
var phi = 2 * Math.PI * ( 0.25 - 0.5 );

sun.x = Math.cos( phi );
sun.y = Math.sin( phi ) * Math.sin( theta );
sun.z = Math.sin( phi ) * Math.cos( theta );

const uniforms = sky.material.uniforms;

uniforms.turbidity.value = 10;
uniforms.rayleigh.value = 3;
uniforms.mieCoefficient.value = 0.005;
uniforms.mieDirectionalG.value = 0.7;
uniforms.sunPosition.value.copy( sun );

Updated demo: https://hexagonal-foul-kale.glitch.me

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Thanks @Mugen87 I remixed and rebundled your glitch without making changes and it looks like this:


The ‘exposure’ now does what I expect with the sky, but no longer affects the cube. There are no lights in the scene - so how was the cube being lit previously? — strangely in my local project the loaded objects ARE affected by toneMappingExposure, but the sky is not. I’m currently reading through docs for both to try and understand.

You previously had an instance of HemisphereLight in your scene.

Ah so I did