Sky.js shader example - why doesn't it use a cube map / camera?

I’m having trouble implementing Sky.js - I can see ( I think ) the environmental lighting effects on my scene successfully, but the ‘sky’ is solid black. I have been trying to study the example and source code - but I can’t understand why the example doesn’t use any kind of cube map/camera? I haven’t implemented a skybox before and all searches lead me back to using a cube map/camera.

The sky’s geometry is BoxBufferGeometry by default. Therefore, when you new sky, it will create the geometry.

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Implementing sky boxes does not require the usage of a cube map or cube camera. Like mentioned by @AlanXin, you can just create a big box or sphere and then paint the inner faces with a shader.

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Ok thanks both - it makes sense now. I don’t know how I missed the above.