Stuck trying to make a scene with a skybox changing colors over time,

Hello people,
Please help me, I don’t even get any visualizations in my brains anymore
I got stuck on this code, trying to create a little scene with a skybox that changes from day to night by local time. Just as a start and see how thing works. But i dont even get any visualization What am i doing Wrong here

I placed the code here quickly, but i had created it on my spckeditor on Android in a react 17 /typescript template. With system.js for later in the

Fot the html:
a viewport set to device width
a canvas “canvas”
Used cloudflare for three.js , scripts for the vertexShader, and the fragmentShader
Then l loaded the Javascript

Without an online demo (codepen, jsfiddle, etc.) it is hard to guess. It could be one bug somewhere, it could be a whole cohort of bugs.

For example, one possible reason for not seeing the sun is hidden here:

const camera = new THREE.PerspectiveCamera(..., 0.1, 1000);

const sunSphere = THREE.SphereBufferGeometry(20000, ...), ...
sunSphere.position.y = -700000;

The camera can see only objects at a distance up to 1000 … but the sun is far far beyond that point (and also it is too big).

Here are some of my attempts from 2021: