Change the color of the sky and become bluer

Using skyjs, I want to change the color of the sky. Where should I set it

    let sky = new Sky();

    let sun = new THREE.Vector3();

    const effectController = {
      turbidity: 20,
      rayleigh: 0.558,
      mieCoefficient: 0.009,
      mieDirectionalG: 0.999998,
      elevation: 15,
      azimuth: -45,
      exposure: this.renderer.toneMappingExposure

    const uniforms = sky.material.uniforms;
    uniforms['turbidity'].value = effectController.turbidity;
    uniforms['rayleigh'].value = effectController.rayleigh;
    uniforms['mieCoefficient'].value = effectController.mieCoefficient;
    uniforms['mieDirectionalG'].value = effectController.mieDirectionalG;

    const phi = THREE.MathUtils.degToRad(90 - effectController.elevation);
    const theta = THREE.MathUtils.degToRad(effectController.azimuth);

    sun.setFromSphericalCoords(1, phi, theta);

THREE.Sky implements a physically correct model for daylight. The interface does not allows to define an arbitrary color.

I’m not 100% sure but it seems your setting already produces the best possible bluish tint.

Thank you. :grinning: