About skybox tone change

I have been working on projects with game engines.
The future expects many things to work on the web.
So, I am working on this project using three.js.
The difficulty in moving from the game engine to three.js is the color.
Other than that, things aren’t too hard.
I am currently checking the skybox, and the original color is coming out.
I want to add a bit of a blue tone.
How can I do this easily, I want to add a blue tone to each object as well.

What I have now:

What I want to get:

Maybe postprocessing will help in this case, with adding a blue-ish tone to the whole scene.

Here is a very rough example: https://jsfiddle.net/prisoner849/9bhqenzw/

Feel free to modify it at your wish :slight_smile:

Bluish is a nice shader, but it’s not what I want.
Assuming that the color gets brighter as the color is added, it seems to be an addtive operation.

This is your scene, so modify the shader to your needs.
For example, change this line
col.rgb = mix(col.rgb, vec3(0, 0, 1), blueVal);;
to this
col.b = clamp(col.b + blueVal, 0., 1.);

col.rgb = col.rgb + vec3(0./255., 35./255., 79./255.) * 0.5;
But it looks like you need gamma correction.
It looks like the bright part should look much brighter.
I think it should look a little more pastel tones.

Creativity is up to you :slight_smile: https://jsfiddle.net/prisoner849/nzLowfs0/

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