Sun picture on background

Hello ,
to simulate sun , until now i m using a sphere which move around the center of the world . the radius of the sphere depend radius of it s own way in the sky ( to have the good size ) . i would like to try to use picture which is projected on the background with good size and move . i didn t found in search bar a thread about this type of solution to simulate sun in the sky . Any idea ?

i does explain why i want to try to use a picture which is moving in the background , it is because if the map inside i’m moving become bigger i have to increase radius of the sphere , radius of the way of the sun , and the camera.far ( sometime i can reach 300 000 to 900 000 ) . an other reason , if camera.far is lower than the size of the map i can get something circular , but in this case if i want to see the sun ,the radius have to be lower the size of the map and i can see the sun to go out the earth ( with moutains behind the sun ) so it isn’t enough realistic .

thank .

Is this what you seek :eyes: ? (Code in the bottom right.)

use this

it’s a screen space effect for GitHub - pmndrs/postprocessing: A post processing library that provides the means to implement image filter effects for three.js. (so you can use it in vanilla three), also supports occlusion. he’s already been sharing sandboxes but i think it will be officially released today or tomorrow.

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thank for those two solutions . i have to study code to see how it is working and how i can fit and insert in my code .