Retargeting animation to Mixamo rig

I have a character that I had rigged by Mixamo, and I have a few animations in BVH-files from the Carnegie Mocap Library. I want to transfer the animation clips to this character.

I could not find any information anywhere how to do this in ThreeJS.

I did have a look at the SEA3D / BVH retargeting example, but that one seems to use the BVH skeleton instead of the rig the character already has. And I don’t want to end up with a lot of skeletons…

Anyone some hints how to get started?

Hey all, no one any suggestions?

Did you ever find a resolution for this?

@Travis_Ealy this would only be possible if the BVH skeleton is identical to the Mixamo skeleton, which is unlikely.

As mentioned by the OP the repository once had an example that demonstrated the usage of SkeletonUtils.retarget(). It mapped an animated BVH skeleton to a different SEA3D skeleton.

This seems to be the logic that is required for the OPs use case. It might be useful to replace the example with a new one using glTF and complete the documentation of SkeletonUtils.

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@looeee thank for your reply. Do you think you can help with this. Let me know if we can connect.


So I created a new rig. Same bones, I have to pull in the bvh animation dynamically so I saved the rig without the animations. I then pushed the animation into the array. However with the same bones Im getting the same result. Here’s a codebox:

Do you have anything working to demonstrates this? You say how this “seems to be the logic”, however it’s not. The SEA3d creates their own loader thats creates the mesh. bones and much more on load. This seems to be an issue that has been asked for years in the community but no one can get an answer.

Sorry, re-targeting is a complex topic and I have currently no time to dive into it. Somebody else has to help here…

Thanks for getting back? Who else can I ask?

Do you have to help me with this? I have a file set up and got pretty far. Just hung up on a few things? Mugen87 answer is pretty far off. Please let me know. Thanks

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Hey do you found a solution for this? looks like the aniamtionclip names are different