How to bind skeleton to model and use BVH to animate


I have a model exported from blender. I then have a React app. I able to load the scene, model and even attach the skeleton helper to the model. However I try to run the animation from. the BVH file and I get this error:
THREE.PropertyBinding: Can not bind to bones as node does not have a skeleton.

I’m not sure if its the model but or what. I need to use the bvh file tho cause I will eventually need to load them from a DB so Im not doing any of the animation in blender.

I have no issues just getting a bvh file to work… I.E:

Its when I do something like this I get that error:

Please help and thank you for your time…

As a workaround, import the BVH in Blender, export an animated glTF file and import it via GLTFLoader. As mentioned in Retargeting animation to Mixamo rig, there is currently no up-to-date example that shows how to do this in three.js with SkeletonUtils.

Thanks for your reply, however Im not sure what you mean. I need to load the bvh file dynamically. I can’t add it in the animations array in blender. What I have now is I uploaded a new model and retargeted it with a bvh. Then I exported it without the animation. I then push the bvh file into the model array. The model and the bvh have the same bones but Im still getting the error. Here is a live codebox:

Hi, I think that I have a similar problem, I have some animations in bvh but without model, and need to animate dinamically inside my web-app in Angular.
Could you solve this problem?