Dynamically load bvh animation for another model with the same skeleton not work

hi all, i have encounter a problem when i load a bvh animation and set the animationClip for a gltf model,
the bvh animation is exported from blender, and the gltf model is also exported from blender , they are export from the same object.

the image below shows the result


the steps which i did is like this:

  1. load a model with animation into blender
  2. export the model using glb format
  3. export bvh
  4. gltfloader load the gltf model into threejs and create mixer
  5. bvhloader load the bvh into threejs and get the clip , mixer.ClipAction(thisClip).play()

this is the rest pose


  1. if i use the gltf.animations[0], the animation is correct,
  2. or use the fbx.animations[0] (which export from blender the same way), the result is also looks correct.
  3. the animation of skeleton of the bvh is correct

i’m not sure what is happen, looking for your help, thanks