Apply animation to GLB inside three.js


I’m aware that I can rig a 3D model in Blender and other 3D softwares. Rigging can also be achieved in Mixamo web app. Which leads me to my question…

How can I add an animation to a glb character in threejs? The character has no animations currently attached to it… I need to be able to load in animations to the app and swap these out on the character. As seen in Mixamo. The 3D models I’m using are generated in a way that I’m unable to rig these before adding to the app using blender or Mixamo, it needs to be done on the fly.

Any help on the matter much appreciated !

You should be able to export the animations with the GLTF/GLB that you export. Check out the animation system three.js docs documentation to learn how to play them.

As far as sharing animations between models goes… check out this thread / solution: Can I apply a mixamo animation to another model that has already been rigged?

Good luck!

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Hey @notchris , thanks for the reply! The second link you sent is useful. My issue is that the glb is exported from another web app with no animations, so, I have to apply them in this app I am developing… can’t be done in Blender :frowning:

You may find starting points in this thread:

The term “retargeting animation” may be helpful as well. In general you are going to need animations that are designed for the exact skeleton/armature of your model. Loading them from different sources or in different formats will be hard or impossible. So I would at least try to ensure that your 3D model files and animation files are exported by the same tool, in the same format.