I Need Help Importing A Mixamo Model .glb Into Threejs And Animating It Without It Breaking

My client is trying to animate a character in threejs. I have rigged their character with mixamo and exported it into a glb.
Everything seems to fine on my end. Everything looks fine when I view it in Blender. I’ve even imported it into many threejs testers and it seems to be all good.
But when they add it into threejs, it becomes really borked. The textures are gone and it becomes a deformed blob. But the standard mixamo template dummy works just fine.
I’ve tried almost every variation and nothing is working. I could really use some help getting past this. Thanks!

When the glTF asset works in common three.js viewers like gltf-viewer or the three.js editor, then the issue is maybe related on the client side. Can you check if they are using a current version of three.js? Maybe it is outdated…