How do I copy animations from one GLB file to another from Mixamo?

I saw this post from 2 years ago: Can I apply a mixamo animation to another model that has already been rigged?

I see there is a solution provided that works, I’m wondering if times have changed two years later and there’s an easier way to do it. I have two characters from Ready Player Me which I imported into Mixamo for animations. Both rigs are the same as they were both exported from Mixamo using Mixamo’s auto rigger. They were imported into Blender and exported as GLB files, one with animation data and the other GLB without animation data. Is there any easy way to copy the animations from one GLB file to the other?

    let gltfA;// the file have animation
    let gltfB;
    let mixer = new THREE.AnimationMixer(gltfB.scene);
    let actions = [];
    gltfA.animations.forEach(clip => {

    // call this in update function

I’m not sure is it easier than before. But I’m usually doing like this

I don’t get any errors but unfortunately that does not work for me.