Can I apply a mixamo animation to another model that has already been rigged?

I want to load and animate the rigged mixamo GLTF model separately for Body, Head, Arm, and other parts.

In this case, if all parts have the same animation data, the file size will become heavy.

So I want to have the animation in one file only. I want to use the same animation for the other parts.

Is this possible?

did you try to just use another object as mixer argument

YES.I created bellow demo.

The body and nose models are separated.
The body and nose models have mixamo bones with the same name.
The nose model does not have any animation data.
I tried to play the nose animation using the body animation data, but it does not work.

This demo has an animation on the nose.

However, the file size of the model with animation is large. I would like to use animations from other models as much as possible.

I tried to use the SkeletonUtils.retargetClip(). However, I get an error.

See this example.
examples : Sharing Animation Clips - Three.js Tutorials

There are two different Mixamo models loaded and three separate animation clips. The models have the same bones.

I cloned the goofyrunning animation clip, then removed all tracks that are not related to the right arm. See the clonedRightArm buttons.

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Thank you! I referenced the demo on your site, it worked fine for me too!

This is the first time I have seen your site and it is very informative. Thank you very much.

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