How to apply mixamo animation to character

Does any one know how to apply mixamo animation to characters. they don’t start on the same pose, the rig bones are pretty similar.
i found one way to make it work is to upload the character to mixamo and they rig it automaticly, but that doesn’t work for my case because the character is dynamic every time the user can customize a new character. character exemple


three can easily transfer animations over multiple rigs.
Only condition is to use the same structure (bones names and hierarchy), you can even change mesh scales it doesn’t matter.

I would try to create files using a generic skeleton of readyplayerme, with various mixamo animation applied. Load each animation file using gltf loader, store the animations inside clips, (no need for mesh, bones, or anything else) and target whatever rigs your user created. It should work fine unless readyplayerme change skeleton between models. If they do, I think you are screwed.

I am getting a verry wierd result, the character is deformed but at least one animation worked.
i think it’s because of the export settings i am using in blender i don’t understand the setting and i think that’s the problem not only the export i think also the import

How to Use Three.js And React to Render a 3D Model of Your Self the math and the blender/mixamo stuff remains the same so im sure you’ll be able to extract the info you need.

here’s another that teaches you how to animate models with self made joints by code How to Create an Interactive 3D Character with Three.js - Codrops

The animation worked fine but when i apply it, the model become flat.

Were you able to solve this? @Mahdi_h

Potentially this is an x z origin issue, eg. the model was created with rig spanning yz plane

I want to apply animation to my glb avatar. Animation is downloaded from mixamo. I don’t want to use blender or any other platform for rigging. Is it possible that I can add animation directly via threejs to my avatar?