Rendering .gltf issue

I’m trying to render a .gltf model but I am facing a weird problem.
I tried rendering it on a Mac (Chrome) and the model is displaying correctly. When I tried to render it on a Windows machine (always on Chrome) I got some weird stripes.
I can reproduce the problem on my Mac by disabling the hardware acceleration in Chrome.
I think the problem could be caused by the GPU.

This is the model on Mac disabling the hardware acceleration

This is the model on Windows

This is the correct model on Mac with hardware acceleration

Are you able to share the car model? I can make a test on my Windows notebook.

This is the link about car interior:

I can actually reproduce the rendering artifacts in the three.js editor and the following three.js based glTF viewer.

However, I could also see similar glichtes with other engines like BabylonJS:

All this happens on a Windows notebook (RTX 2070) with Chrome. On my iMac (AMD GPU) with Chrome, no glitches appear.

I have no clue why this happens so far :thinking:.

I tried to open the model with windows viewer 3d and no glitches appear but the windows viewer 3d use my NVIDIA graphics card while chrome use my intel card (hd graphics 630) .

Do you have any solution?