Flickering issues when using AMD GPU based macbooks

I am using ThreeJS version 154 for rendering GLTF files which render fine as long as I am using any macbook which does not have dedicated AMD GPU on it. Windows machine with nVidia GPUs also work fine. But Macbooks with AMD seem to show a weird flickering artifacts in the rendering. From our debugging this doesn’t look like Z-fighting as well as there is just one plane which is present where we see this issue. Any suggestions or directions to explore would be very helpful if anyone has faced this kind of problem.

Are you using shadows or any kind of postprocessing in the scene? Could you share a codepen example replicating the flickering issue?

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Yup it looks shadowmapping from the video…

Would be difficult to extract minimal example from much larger proprietary code base. Will try to get back on this.

We are not using Shadow Mapping. We do use BoxCorrectedEnvMap for reflections. We are also using ‘SSAARenderPass’ and ‘SAOPass’ in post processing. We tried by disabling the post processing altogether, but issue persisted.

We are looking to understand what direction to look into for solving such a problem in terms of general CG concepts. That would help us to pinpoint into our code base and debug better. Right now we have no clue on what could cause such a problem specific to a GPU ?