Ready Player Me, Avatar Creator

Hi people! I have been working on this project for a while and we just launched it publicly! Ready Player Me is an avatar creator that is, for now, generates avatars for Mozilla Hubs, but the range of supported platforms will expand soon.

Thanks to everyone here who helped me get to learn three.js :smiley: Especially @Mugen87


Terms of service:

Each time you use our App we will automatically collect the following information: photos stored on your Device

You want access to my photos? No, thank you.

We will not disclose personal information we collect from you, other than to the following third parties:

  • Third-party software service providers.
  • Other group members.
  • Asset transfer parties: In the event that We sell or buy any business or assets.

Nope, not using this.


Thanks for pointing these out!

We have revised and edited our Privacy Policy to more accurately reflect uses of information.
Transfer of information to third parties is only done when you request such transfer via the App e.g using the avatar in Mozilla Hubs or in any forthcoming partner of ReadyPlayerMe or when it is necessary for providing the service.

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Before we use your personal information for a purpose that is materially different
than the purpose we collected it for or that you later authorized, we will provide
you with the opportunity to opt out. In such case we will notify you about those
activities and offer to opt out via email.

Surely it should be opt-in, not opt-out?

Following all the Cambrige Analytica stuff, I now immediately assume that any app like this is a data-harvesting tool.

This doesn’t give me the confidence to believe otherwise:

By clicking Take a photo! you accept our privacy policy

I’m not accusing you of harvesting data, of course. But to allay people’s fears, maybe it would be better to replace this with a disclaimer. Something like this:

  • We will never sell your info to third-parties for any purpose
  • We will never use your info for any purpose other than creating the avatar
    Here’s a link to the privacy policy for more info.

Completely understandable, Facebook gave everyone quite a scare. The thing is they know about your private messages, the pages you like, private groups you are in and what you discuss there. That makes it valuable for political targetted ads.

The website is still in progress and I just pushed the changes for updated privacy policy which is GDPR complient. Need to make UI/UX better for people to undestand it for sure, clear and more informant. Not everybody understands legal language and it may be boring.

Also we received feedback with some more concerns like this since yesterday and also planning to add a non-personal avatar option. Which would be a template model just to customize and use.

Idk even discourse forum tools, which we are on right now, collects info about users on the platforms if you read the privacy policy. Freedom to use or not is ours.


Very nice… I used the creator you guys made for HiFi on the iPhone. I’m guessing this is pretty much the same thing but on the web.

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Hi @Harvey_Danger it’s so nice to hear from someone who used a previous product! So much on our tech improved since then. This project aims to be a single source of avatars for multiple platforms, instead of a custom solution like High Fidelity. Still at an early stage though.

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This would definitely be a less intrusive alternative.

@looeee I don’t think they can claim “We will never sell your info to third-parties for any purpose” when section VI states: “We will not disclose personal information other than: In the event that We sell or buy any business or assets, in which case We will disclose your personal data to the prospective seller or buyer of such business or assets.”

They’ll essentially never sell your info, except for when they sell your info.

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Like I said before due to legal language it gets misinterpreted or when you cut a part of it it looks like we sell personal info. In plain language it says, if a start-up gets acquired by another company everying they posses is transferred to the company that buys it. This is the same for any company, and you will find it on any company’s privacy policy.

Just wanted to comment on this thread, as it looks like this is where this project started, and look at it now, almost 2 years later. Well done! And yes, my avatar is a readyplayerme one :slightly_smiling_face:


The company I work for uses Ready Player Me, the interview felt very surreal once I recognized it from the Three.js discourse 2~ years ago :smiley: - Congratulations on your success @Sarge

3 Likes @ip3ly5 Thank you so much guys :0) Still working on it!

Don’t forget to add sideburns to your avatar definition - from small ones to full mutton chops!

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