Looking for a developer for developing 3D Avatar creator

I am looking for a developer who can develop me web based avatar creator where-
i. User will be able to provider their age, sex, height, width, weight, shoulder size, neck size, chest size, abs size, hip size, thigh size, leg size, foot size, hand size, body color, eyes, cup size (in case of women) etc. so that the avatar is build based on those provided parameters
ii. User will be able to upload picture and that avatar face is build based on that picture
iii. User will have the ability to move the avatar and see from front-back-size-top-down views i.e. three dimensional views
iv. User will be able to change the dress of avatar when needed
v. User will have the ability to change the hair style of the avatar when needed
vi. User will have the ability to change given parameters value at any time when needed.

Final avatar needs to be downloadable in FBX - OBJ - and GLB all format

So far the avatar will be very similar to https://readyplayer.me/ with some extra options like-
provide age, height, weight… etc. to make the avatar very close to his/her body sizes, colors etc.


my discord id mojam#6884

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