Free 3D Avatar Creator Tool (Ready Player Me)

Hey! My colleagues from Wolf3D and I have worked hard for the past year on the Ready Player Me avatar creation platform. It’s entirely web-based with additional SDKs for Unity and UE4.

We already have 600+ developers on board, including VRChat, SideQuest, vSpatial, and others.

Feel free to check our website and give it a look:

If you would like to use Ready Player Me in a commercial project, fill this form to become a partner:

And if you have a project that used Ready Player Me, be sure to share it down below! :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m using an avatar from Ready Player Me, animated with a loop from Mixamo, on my site!

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This is absolutely amazing! :star_struck:

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How do you trigger Mixamo animation on ReadyPlayer Me avatar in ThreeJS ?

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same concern, I have found out that after loading model.glb will automatically return the animation. How can we do these things automatically?