Quill VR animation to .glb


I am new to 3D and will have a question that I cannot find an answer to.
I have looked and tried a lot of things, but a lot of the answers are currently not working.

The problem is that I created an animation in VR using Quill, but I can’t export it to glb (or gltf).

I tried exporting the animation as .alembic in Blender, everything works fine, but when I export as .glb (or .gltf), there is no more animation.
I tried several tweaks I found on the forums, but since I have absolutely no knowledge of it, it’s not obvious …

Could anyone just tell me how to export animation made in Quill and convert it to .glb?

Thank you in advance !

Does this thread help? Quill to GLTF Bug

Good evening!

I’m not sure it’s the same problem.
When I export an .alb file from Quill and open it in Blender, everything is ok, the animation works fine.

But when I export to .glb, I end up with a still image.
And when I check with https://gltf-viewer.donmccurdy.com/, it does mark “0 animation”.

Currently I am trying to export dequis Quill to .fbx, but when I open in Blender I have all the separate images showing at the same time. And I don’t know how to animate them …

I’m pretty sure it’s the same — Not all types of animation in Blender can be exported. Try exporting to .mdd, reimport as shape keys, and then export as .glb. Otherwise, you’ll need to share a .blend file for help I think.

I’m sorry, I really don’t have any experience in 3D and related software. I tried the method presented on the other post, but I don’t think I’m doing it well…

I am sending you here the .abc .fbx and .blend documents (taken from the .abc) of the test I am using.
I’m looking for the easiest technique to convert similar projects to .glb.

I do not have access to Maya (because it pays), but I can use other software if necessary.

Thank you again for the time given to your answers!

Torche.abc (2.5 MB)
Torche.fbx (1.3 MB) untitled.blend (1.0 MB)

This is tricky because .abc uses features that most other formats don’t have. It’s basically a format dedicated to a special type of animation. My suggestion of .mdd won’t work in this case, because the animation has different vertex counts on each frame. I think the steps you want to take would be:

  1. In Blender, export to .obj and be sure to enable the “Animation” option during export. This will create many OBJ files, so you’ll want to export to an empty folder.
  2. Drag all of the OBJ files into https://threejs.org/editor/.
  3. Export from the Editor to a torch.glb file, containing all of the meshes.
  4. Run npm install --global @gltf-transform/cli@alpha to get an upcoming version of the glTF-Transform CLI.
  5. Run gltf-transform sequence torch.glb torch_animated.glb --pattern "Torch_*.obj" --fps 24

The .glb exported from the Editor contains each frame of the animation as a separate mesh, each with the name of the original OBJ. Then, step (5) creates a new animation that shows each of those meshes in sequence. If your original files were named differently, you’d have to adjust the --pattern argument to this command.

The final torch_animated.glb should contain your animation:

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Ah ! thank you so much, got it ! Very great explanation !

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