Unable to import animated GLB to Oculus but conversion was perfect

I converted a file to GLB and it looked perfect in the window on the converter page and was animated. But when I try to put that into Oculus Home I just see an empty box. I’ve tried all kinds of ways with an animation and always I get an empty box. I can get static objects in fine. Can anyone help?

Does the model look correct in https://gltf-viewer.donmccurdy.com/ and https://sandbox.babylonjs.com/? If so, it sounds like you may need to (a) review any documentation on what Oculus Home supports (if that exists?) or (b) report a bug to Oculus.

If you can share the model we might be able to guess, but I’m not especially familiar with Oculus Home either.

It does appear on both those sites and animates, however on the babylon one it seems kind of transparent…