Cant export animation coming from blender

here is where to download the blender file when im trying to export to glb there is no animation in the glb file

This article little bit outdated, but it helped me a lot:

I’ve downloaded the blend file and try to export the keyframe animations to glTF, however without success.

@munrocket AFAICS this issue not about character animations (skeletal animations) so the article won’t help much.

I suggest you directly report exporter related issues here:

The glTF file that Sketchfab provides would work — are you just trying to get a .glb instead of a .gltf?

Otherwise I’m not sure why it isn’t exporting from Blender, the file looks OK to me… I agree that filing a bug on the addon would be the right choice.

any file will do but it will be hard to like edit animation and upload it again to sketchfab to just get a working animation.

/cc for future readers.

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