Exporting GLB and GLTF

Sometimes I found the Export GLB and GLTF is not working (no output). I wonder if there is any error with the scene. Because I could export and publish without issue.

Is there a way to trouble shoot this?

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Are you talking about the glTF Blender Exporter? If you have problems with the export, i would recommend to open an issue at github:

No, it is more like some imported OBJ cannot export into GLTF or GLB. All I did was to import the OBJ, and try to export, and nothing being exported. I am not sure what the issue is exactly. Is there a debugger message somewhere?

I found that KhronosGroup GLB is not fully compatible with FB 3D, however ThreeJS GLB is much more compatible, which is interesting.

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I have a feeling it is how the OBJ got exported (multiple materials, multiple UV, combined). The funny thing is when GLB and GLTF export failed, I tried exporting the OBJ and import back the OBJ, then GLB and GLTF works, but the OBJ is unsmoothed.

Alright, I think I found out why… it is the OBJ export option in Blender that I need to tweak so that the OBJ is not all combined into one. All good!

Okay. Just to be clear, you’ve talked about the glTF- export in the editor, right? :wink:

That is correct.

The export does nothing when the OBJ is bad. In Blender - when exporting OBJ for ThreeJS, “Material Group” must be checked. OBJ workflow seems to be cleanest except for one thing: JPG or PNG image dimension is affecting the size of GLB. Sometimes in a weird way. Maybe the GLB packer compression can be improved.

May be worth trying obj2gltf. There are some issues we’re still working out with THREE.GLTFExporter to create strictly correct glTF files.

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