PMREMGenerator resolution settings

Is there a way to set the resolution for the PMREM generated texture? I saw that in previous versions, this was possible but taken out due to performance issues. Since, that was in 2016 I’m wondering if anything changed here?

The most interesting aspect for me is the mipmap resolutions, since the low resolution is very apparent with refraction:




I tried changing const LOD_MAX = 8; to a higher value and this resulted in a larger texture resolution, but not in a better quality in the result. Is there an easy way to change the generation? I would really like to test, if the onetime generation time for my pmrem texture is okay for a higher resolution.

AFAIK, it’s not intended that users can change the resolution. Especially since LOD_MAX is a private constant value which is not supposed to be changed.

Thanks for the response! Yep, I just wanted to see if the change would trigger a higher resolution for the generation. Is there any other way to get higher env map resolution while still supporting IBL?

Hi! Have you had any luck with this? I’m currently trying to increase the resolution of PMREM generated mips for low roughness levels. I’ve tried to play with LOD_MIN, LOD_MAX and other constants, but this breaks the layout of the resulting environment map. So I think the only way for me is to study the algorithm of PMREMGenerator. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any textual description of this algorithm (besides the code itself, of course). If anyone knows where to find any info on the algorithm I would appreciate much!