Perlin Particles

Is there an example or good hint how to achieve this in Threejs as well:

Did some tutorials and ended up with this - wasn´t that hard at the end…

    geometry.vertices.forEach(function(v) {
        var zPos = self._snoise2d(v.x * 0.2, v.z * 0.2) * 0.5; 
        v.y += zPos;

    geometry.verticesNeedUpdate = true;

Now it would be “ace” to get a hint or tipp where to find an animated “ribbon” example as well…

THREE.Points() with THREE.PlaneBufferGeometry() and THREE.ShaderMaterial() will help.
Have a look at these topics:

“Clouds of cubes” has implementation of Perlin noise in shaders.

Or if you want Perlin noise at the side of javascript, take a look at this example:
or this one :slight_smile:

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All so cool, thank you - will have a look!
You don´t have a proper and good example of how to animate Ribbons or CatmullRomCurve3 in Threejs too?

Sounds a bit enigmatic. Could you provide an explanatory picture with the desired result?

More something like those ribbons move in here:

You can easily have a look into the source code of this great example. :slight_smile:

Oh oh - mostly I don´t dare to do it cause today everything is bundled and minified… but will do. I was just hoping for some´ like an Threejs example or else that explains the “basics” if that makes sense…