Beginner - Lost for my purpose ( 3D flow field )

Hello everyone !

I am new to Three js ( about 1-2 weeks ) and what I love in life, is moving particles.
I succeed in making a basic particle system ( PS ) from a buffer geometry ( BG ), and apply to it some basic forces such as gravity, but now I’m lost.

I want to go further, and for example, do a flow field such as those easy ones in 2D with Perlin noise, but in 3D. Sadly, I can’t find any good tutorial on those topics in 3D, and retro-engineering cost me a lot of mental energy, as I’m not a senior developper ( about 1 year & 1/2 ), and neither an engineer with facilities in physics and maths.

Ok, we are good for the context. Let’s ask now:

  1. Is BG usefull or overkill ? It was almost a pain to apply a single force to my PS, and I was about to recreate all methods Vector3 natively have just in the hope of increase performance, without finally seeing it. Does it worth it ?
  2. What is the best way to create a world with region containing vectors ( to apply those to my PS ) ? I succeed in making multiple boxes in a bigger box, but I’m almost sure there is a better way than my 3 level loops.
  3. Are matrices usefull ? I have read a few on it, and I’m unable to tell myself if it’s usefull for my purpose or not.
  4. Please help me with some approachable ressources for anything related to this, I just don’t know anymore where to look at ^^

Thanks a lot, and please forgive me for any typo on my post ( greetings from France :wink: )

Any examples of what you’ve tried? :slight_smile: And it would be great to show what you want to achieve :slight_smile:
Have a look at that example: three.js examples
Also those ones: Perlin Particles - #4 by prisoner849

Thanks for answering so fast !
Here you can see where I am in my “project”.

I’ve done a very strange git configuration based on branches, so you can also see my PS tests here

Thanks for your links, I gonna read them tonight :slight_smile: