I am a designer looking for three.js developmont help


I have some 3D gtl objects and would like to create a simple webpage integrating three.js and ammo.js (or really any kind of physics library works fine.)

The objects will just drop from the top of the webpage onto a ground and then you can move them/drag and drop anywhere around the page. Something kind of like this:

(Building a Simple 3D Scene with Physics in JavaScript & Three.js - YouTube)

The background/ground will just be one color/ green. Attaching a mockup of what I started dropping in on three.js editor.

I am also hoping to integrate it on my wix website, where I have a web shop. It will just be a feature for playing with the bags. They don’t have any additional function.

Is anyone able to help me with this and if so how much would you charge? My turnaround hope is 1 month.

I was trying to teach myself how to do it but got confused. Would love to help or learn as much I can to make it easy for you. Let me know what you think and if this is possible. Thank you.

Hello @sss,

I have seen your requirement and would love to assist you in adding a feature to your website.

Kindly reach out to me via Rishabh@plaxonic.com to proceed.

Best Regards,

I m a senior threejs , webgl , react three fiber developer with for 7 years experiences.

I would like to discuss more details via telegram or discord or slack

telegram : @DSODIN

discord : DS-3dworld#0020
thank you

As a professional 3D Web Developer with 8+ years of experience, I am interested in your projects so I would like to work with you.
Development 3d web apps using three.js/R3F, it is my primary skill
Please check my portfolio and previous projects

I promise to keep good communication and high quality work, instant update.
I would like to discuss further, I am ready to start working right now.
My Discord Id : Lucky Ryo#5659, My email : luckybird1115@gmail.com
Thank you .
Best regards

Hi, there.
As a 3D web developer, I can help you.
Now I am free so I can provide you higt-quality and good price product for a short time.

When you are available, please contact to me.
Thank you.

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As a threejs developer, I can help you to implement your goal.

I am very familiar with three.js and physics api so I can make a scene you want.
Please discuss more details in DM.

If you take a look at my work and feel that I could work with you, please let me know.

Best Regards,

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