Seeking Experienced Javascript/Three.jS developer to build WebGL Particle library

Hello forum,

I’m looking for someone to build me a particle library, based on Bullet Hell/Danmaku shooter bullet patterns. I do not want to use any particle libraries other than Three.js for this. This is for an NFT, art project and I would like to pay someone on a Day-rate.


I have prototyped the project in Unity, using a library that was available in C#, so ability to read that code is a bonus, as I think the code structuring that they used is a useful reference.

I have created a fairly detailed diagram of the system which needs to be build which we could work on together.

Here is a vimeo link to proof of concept I made in Unity for an idea of what we are building:

Let me know if you think you would be good for this job! I can share my software architecture diagrams and we can jump on a call to discuss :slight_smile:

Hi, hope you are doing well.

As an experienced Three.js developer, I would like to express my interest in working on your project. With my knowledge and expertise in Three.js, I can help you create Three.js particle libraries for NFTs. I am also familiar with Unity so I can read your C# code. I have extensive experience in working with Three.js and related technologies such as WebGL, HTML5, and CSS3. I am confident in my ability to deliver high-quality work that meets your project requirements and specifications.

My goal is to provide you with the best possible service and to ensure that your project is completed on time.

I am ready to get started immediately and available all day from Monday to Friday. Please don’t hesitate to ask me at any time if you have any questions or concerns.
Dm via my discord:



After reviewing your requirements, watching the proof of concept video, and considering your preference for using Three.js, I am confident that I possess the necessary expertise to undertake this project effectively.

Please check my previous particle projects using Three.js / Unity.

My experience as a particle library developer, coupled with my understanding of Unity and C#, positions me well to bring your vision to life in Three.js.
I have extensively worked on creating dynamic and visually engaging particle systems, including complex bullet patterns, explosions, and special effects. As you mentioned, familiarity with the code structure used in the C# library you referenced is beneficial, as it allows me to quickly grasp your desired implementation and ensure a seamless transition to Three.js.

To give you an idea of my proficiency, I have successfully developed particle libraries for various interactive applications, games, and simulations using Three.js /Unity C#.

I would be delighted to schedule a call or video conference at your convenience to discuss the project further.

Thank you for considering my application. I’m enthusiastic about the opportunity to contribute to your unique NFT art project and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards,

Hello. @samhains
Very fit project for me!
I’m very familiar with Unity and I’m also a good c# coder so it is not problem for me to read the existing code.
NFT project is very friendly for me and I’m also a professional shader coder.
I would like to look at your diagram as soon as possible and very expecting now.
Please leave me a message so that I can know if you are interested in this particle fan.
You can also send me a message via this email.


Thanks in advance.


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