[PAID] Hiring Three.js Developer to help assist with WebGL Effects for new Website

Looking to recruit a well skilled WebGl Developer to help assist building the wireframe for our new site that has to be created within 2-3 weeks. Payment methods include: ETH, USDT, BTC. Paypal is also an option but we can discuss after coming to an agreement. Please share your portfolio!

Here’s an example of what we’re looking to build: https://robin-noguier.com/

I m a senior threejs and webgl and GSLS , GSAP animation developer
I have built amazing serveral animatoin effect pojrects in past.
After the check the robin-noguier.com reference website animation effects , it’s no problem for me.
I have built several more complex animation effect projects in past.
Let’s discuss more details about your project.
You can find me also discord and telegram
discord - DS#0631
telegram - @davidsolojov

Went ahead to add you! Here’s my username: theonlyone#8199

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