GPGPU - Particles and the box

Hi community!

The picture below is what I was dreaming of and thinking on for years, maybe since I bumped into three.js at the first time :slight_smile:

The demo is not perfect, but working on it gave me the understanding of principles of how things work (or I like to think, that I understand them :smiley: )
Highly recommend this blog post: FBO particles – Youpi !.
Also, @akella 's video helped me a lot: FBO Particles with Three.js #10 - YouTube

The scene of 4 million points runs with 75fps on my GTX1060 (FIrefox).
If you want to make a nice screenshot, just hit “S” key to switch stats and gui on/off.


Source code: white-currying-4li5k - CodeSandbox


Wow very impressive !

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@felixmariotto thanks :beers:


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@mrdoob yay, thanks :beers:

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amazing! and thank you for linking the article, had a blast reading and trying the examples out!

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@drcmda thanks :handshake:

I’ve seen the demo with curl noise and DOF, looks very cool :+1:

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:heart_eyes: Noooice!

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Excellent very nice, congrats

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