Dracarys - Webgl experiment on GPGPU / Particles sim / Postprocessing

A lot is happening, there is a GPGPU particle simulation on a skinned mesh, a GPGPU water simulation with mouse trail on the floor featuring a custom reflective material, a particle emitter and some modelled meshes. On top, there is a custom render pipeline with custom postprocessing effects, including Bloom, color correction, LUT and frost.

UPDATE: looks like it doesn’t preview the links, so i’m adding couple of screenshots

Launch post: x.com (be ma guest if you want to retweet it eheh)
Link: https://dracarys.robertborghesi.is/


insane. idk how you guys get this stuff so optimized, everything i make runs like shit

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ahah i feel the struggle don’t worry.
In this case tho, almost everything is custom made, even the loop animations of the meshes are in the vertex shader, so the CPU is more free to handle other stuff :slight_smile:

So nice bro , How you get position animation of skinnedMesh ?

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Projects, that make me love Three.js :heart:


eheh thanks! means a lot coming from you :slight_smile:

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everything happens at shader level, I’ve recreated a sort of VAT directly in three in real time as first pass, then on top of that there is a GPGPU simulation that take as input the positions of the skinned mesh

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