Performance Difference in android device

Please have a look into the following example in android device.

It will work smoothly. Now try below example in the same device.

Now you will feel some lagging in the device. Try to open the navigation from the top. You can feel that lagging. What is the difference between these two. Why this difference in performance.

The transmission example has two spot lights in its scene whereas the GLTFLoader example has no lights at all. Besides, the blending computations of the transmission example require additional computing resources. The GLTFLoader example has not transparent materials at all.

This performance difference is visible on all devices, not only mobile phones.

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So based on your answers, the transparent material will makes the difference in performance, right?

No, it’s not only the material configuration. It also depends on other objects in your scene.

Can you please say some examples or any other object what are will affect the performance like this. @Mugen87

Well, lights, meshes, points, lines etc… Everything that affects the visual appearance of objects or produces draw calls.