PhysicalMaterial: TransmissionMap

If I have an .glb-file with transmissionMap, should the transmissionMap work by now?

I know its kinda “flat” question, as I assume it should, but when I´m testing with an all black and/or all white transmissionMap and load-in the glb, even if the material is set transparent to true, it seems that the transmissionMap does nothing?

Yes, KHR_materials_transmission should be supported. Here is the official demo:

Can you please try to replace your asset in this example?

I would also suggest testing in a viewer like This will help tell you if the problem is related to the model, or to your code.

Like most PBR effects, transmission looks best with environment map lighting.

Thanks @Mugen87 @donmccurdy - both helped a lot. In my case it seems not be a problem with tranmissionMap at all but with Threejs its version I used before I actually npm three@latest

Now it works right out of the box!

@Mugen87 @donmccurdy the webgl_loader_gltf_transmission example has some sort of iridescence-effects on it, I guess coming from the env-mapping? Any plans we can have and use iridescence in PhysicalMaterial as value/map in the future as well?

I think that effect is coming from specularIntensity and specularTint on MeshPhysicalMaterial.