Transmission with blur

I need to implement material that will look like jelly.

I am using MeshPhysicalMaterial and its transmission property. It would be possible with this extension KHR_materials_transmission, but it is not supported in three.js yet.


Transmission with blur (what I need to achieve):

Are there any ways to do that?

it is supported in threejs now: Glass transmission - CodeSandbox i don’t know about the gltf extension but THREE.MeshPhysicalMaterial for sure can do it, just set roughness.

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three.js does support KHR_materials_transmission now, see the full list at three.js docs… GLTFLoader will create a MeshPhysicalMaterial for materials using this extension, so you can do that manually the same way. Agreed that transmission + roughness is the place to start here.

Great thanks :+1:t2: