Palms (on a Retrowave road)

Hi community!

Here is a pic:

And there is a working demo:

In the evening I bumped into a retrowave composition, named “Palms”, performed by Quixotic.
The tune was nice and cool and I thought that it would be interesting to create a scene, like you’re on the endless straight road with palms :slight_smile:
In this scene I syncronized the speed of noise waves in a vertex shader with the speed of grid in the fragment shader, and all together is synchonized with the speed of palms (which are instances - creation of the palms was the most funny part of the process :blush:)

For better atmosphere, you can find a round button in the top left corner of the window, click it, see the soundcloud player and hit “play” :slight_smile:
Enjoy the scene :wink:

PS Criticism and advice are very welcomed :slight_smile:


This is really nice, I really like your solution to draw a thick line grid! And I love the color scheme.
Are you using scene.fog to fade the palms? You can see them pop into place when the sun is behind them, maybe you could write a cool distance-based alpha fade to avoid that artifact. :wink:


Thanks for pointing to it! :beers:
As it’s late night already, I didn’t notice such an obvious thing :smile:
Made a quick fix with scaling the palms :innocent:


I’m really digging the soundtrack :100:

I just love the color palette and composition, well done.

You can see them pop into place when the sun is behind them

For some reason I like that, seeing them pop into the scene kinda adds to the immersion :rofl:


Yeah, he updated the code so now they scale from the ground up. The behavior was different when I made the first comment.


Looks amazing! I’d add some sort of VHS effect and Bloom to it to make it more vaporwaveish :slight_smile:

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Good idea! :+1:

Beautiful. Had me want to watch Miami Vice :palm_tree:

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And listen to its Crockett’s Theme :wink: :fist_right: :fist_left:

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Being a child of the 80’s, I gotta love it :rofl:

The haircut, though… Uhhhh

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Reminds me of this!
Really cool, love the 80s aesthetic!

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Thanks :beers:
One more catchy tune :slight_smile:

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Nice and creative! I would like to point out that the palms are slightly out of rhythm with the music, though. It would be even better, in my opinion, if they were perfectly in sync or very much out of sync. I like using the golden ratio for getting things out of sync, as it is the “most irrational” number.

An example is this demo, where a PSO search has its parameters swept over their range at frequencies related by the golden ratio, and particles are respawned upon convergence to the global best known. It allows me to not tune the parameters, and also creates a nice visual effect… I guess roughly the same effect could have been achieved with many other irrational relative frequencies, though.

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Huh, it had never occurred to me to use an irrational number to get things out of sync. I usually just multiply a second variable by 1.37, which usually gets things out of sync enough. What do you do, do you define phi = 1.6180339887 and multiply by that, or do you do a more complex equation?

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it had never occurred to me to use an irrational number to get things out of sync.

It has “occurred to” nature plenty of times, such as in the angle between leaves on plants.

do you define phi = 1.6180339887 and multiply by that

Yes, with the most digits possible. So I usually compute phi once using the formula with sqrt(5).

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That is incredibly cool !

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@RobertBeric42 Thanks :beers:

:beers: a lot !