Bogus Roads - Lowrez Retrowave Racing

Howdy everyone!

I made a super lowfi 64x64 pixel synthwave game with threejs for lowrez game jam, check it out!

Source code is available for download on the game’s page!

I have never made a 3d game with such low resolution, so there were some unique challenges!


  • 3 proceduraly generated levels
  • 3D graphics with
  • 6 new songs
  • 12 different types of obstacles and 3 powerups
  • 14 sound effects using
  • Sky effects with sun, stars, & planet
  • In game hud
  • Custom physics engine with capsule collisions
  • Custom 5x5 font rendering system
  • Gamepad Support
  • Intro, Main Menu and Win Screens
  • Tracks fastest times and awards up to 3 stars
  • Screen Transitions
  • Hidden mini game if you press Home


Well done, looks really fun :slight_smile:

I found the controls a bit awkward, and it does hurt my eyes on a large screen :smiley: But hey, in a smaller viewport it looks just great.

Thank you! Yes, it is crazy low rez, I’m actually working on a high res port now :wink:


The judging results are in. Bogus Roads got 2nd place for gameplay and 8th place overall! I also scored 8th place in audio and 18th place in graphics. This is out of 178 games.

Here’s a link to the results…