Threejs: Parallel lines

How can I create vertical parallel lines in Threejs?

Could you be more specific, providing at least a reference pics and/or vids of the desired result?
What your scene setup? What type of camera?

Thanks, My desired result is to create like this landscape without using GridHelper of Threejs because I need to manipulate these lines later like I want to make them curve I tried the class Path, but it doesn’t work as I want when I create two parallel lines it adds a horizontal line between them.
I want to manipulate horizontal lines and vertical lines independently.

For some ideas:


Points of each path will be connected with lines, so you can’t have separated pieces. I don’t know how performant this will be but you can create multiple lines (or curves), each from its own path:

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It does work with LineSegments though: Edit fiddle - JSFiddle - Code Playground

When using line segments, you define start/end pairs. Each pair does not have to be connected with other ones.

Yes, but I guess it’s based on GL_LINES so you can only dash dot single segments and the OP wants to curve them

it would work if segments were set back to back with no gap which would double the number of vertices and then you could jump on the other “line”? Controlling individual lines is probably harder in this case than GL_LINE_STRIP based sequences.

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Make sense. Thanks for the clarification!

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