Endless way (two planes loop)

Hi community!

Here is an attempt of creation of endless way on a lowpoly terrain, looping two planes (Terrain.js module in the source code)


Demo: https://ed1ov.csb.app/

Source code: admiring-sea-ed1ov - CodeSandbox

PS PixelArt-ish style and theme of the sketch are inspired by this music video: BEAST IN BLACK - One Night In Tokyo (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) - YouTube


Looks really nice! :clap:

:face_with_monocle: The farthest mountains seem to jump into existence, though. One possible solution would be to fade them in by applying the sky background as a fog. I guess a linear fog (textured, as if that were a thing) with both the near plane and the far plane far away would preserve as much as possible of the pixel art cartoon look.

Another solution would be to always only generate mountains that fit behind the present ones. :exploding_head::grin:

Thanks :beers:

Yep, to show how 2 planes work. And this is why the topic in Resources :slight_smile:

PS There is another version, with one plane instead of two: Endless way II (single plane). There I used discard for smooth appearance of farthest mountains.

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Ah, that is a neat solution, which stays true to the discrete nature of few-colored pixel art. :bowing_man:

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