Extra large plane or repeatable


if I am creating the game where you can fly some object, but really quickly, what is best suggestion for using planes?

  1. repeatable?
  2. generating on the go?
  3. extra large?

I will need very large plane, maybe something like 100-400k points on both axis (xz) at least. I need to travel in one direction with velocity about 100-200 points per second up to one or even two hours.

This is more question about best practices or even resources (memory, processor) consumption.

Also is there any example how to reload plane on the fly?

Thank you

Having a world in this large scale can cause various precision related problems. You should try to represent the current view of your world with max. 10.000 world units (which is a good rule of thumb).

For endless runners it’s possible to keep the player or camera at the same spot (the origin) and just move the world instead. In this context, a combination of two planes and fog is sufficient for implementing an endless ground. Check out how the following example implements this:


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That is a good idea for something like long automated travel.
I am implementing airplane flying from one destination to another. And thinking how to do it in game world. Or more even in Three JS world. 10k map may be small even for a dog fight on the Sky. If that will go more in one direction than another.
But at least I now know that option 3. extra large is not an option.

I think I just found answer to my problem. It will be a lot of custom work. But I need at least chunk system combined with some LOD (level of detail) mentioned here: