Questions about planes not being flat, and ways to connect them

Hi everybody,

I’already contributed to this forum, but the professionnal way so I did it with my professionnal account.
I’ll then consider that i’m brand new to this forum and present myself.

  • I’m a junior webmaster and WP developper and I live in France.
    Okay that’s it, hope you’ll be amazed by this huge amount of information.

I’ll try to be precise in my words, but the language might be a problem.

I’ve got a question about planes and modifying them.
I modified a plane using this code →

So now, I’ve got my plane, and it makes a bunch of creepy hills, that are amazing.


The edges of the plane are fully affected by the noise, and what I intend to to i create another plane, that should look like a road.

Then, you should look a my sheme below :

The edges do not match, is there any way or direction I can go to make them match ?

I also join a github repository → do not juge the general code, my question is really about this specific point. My other outrageous mistakes are far more documented.

Have a nice day, or night ! :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot by advance.

Did I get it correctly, that you want something like this with the road? Palms (on a Retrowave road)


Yes, that’s exacly what I need ! From the neon look that I intended to do with textures and the bloom effect to the rest.
So I think I might choose the pastel way as you already did the tron thing.
But yes that’s what I want to do on the right, I’d like to ad trees when I’ll understand how they can be done.
On the left, I’d like a beach.
And then the three ocean example. As i draw it on my scheme.

Is this similar to what you want to achieve?

That’s absolutely what I want to achieve. Absolutely. Thanks a lot !! I’ll try it right now.