Glowing Warmness

Hi community!



It’s all started with the curiousity of how to put a tube along a curve, and apply noise to its radius. The rest is blurred :slight_smile:

Actions are stretched in time, so if you don’t want to wait for too long, set the “quick” checkbox on before you hit “play”.

I’ve put all objects in classes to make the studying of the source code more comfortable (if somebody would like to do it :sweat_smile: )


That is just… beautiful :heart:
Great work friend.

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@looeee Ah! Thank you :slight_smile: :handshake:

Really gorgeous work :heart:

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@forerunrun Whoa! Thanks :slight_smile:

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Running this beauty with the quick mode is a sacrilege … love the music :smiley:


@Fennec Thank you :handshake:

This reminds me of a long forgotten art form: Amiga Demos. Very nice and well done ! I like it.

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@Bernd_von_Platen Thanks :handshake:

Beautiful art! :heartbeat:
Extremely well done! You’re a great artist

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Very nice! Some interesting techniques are involved here!
That aliasing though damages the overall impression, I’d suggest a strong blurring pass to eliminate it completely - since your artwork is essentially a lighting effect, it won’t affect it negatively, it will appear as a stronger blooming effect.

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@DolphinIQ Thank you very much :handshake:
@dllb Thanks :slight_smile: Next time I’ll try not to forget about an additional blurring pass.

I felt The Birth of Life…
It is a priviledge to apreciate Your creations! :wink:

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