Bloom mixed with skybox

Hello people! So I was implementing my own optimized bloom effect (blur performance + merged shaders etc.) inspired by the famouse THREE.js example Unreal Bloom and came up with this idea to be able to blend skybox color with the bloom tint color and here’re the results. I’ve posted this URL before to demonstrate the Motion Blur effect, this is the updated version with the skybox bloom effect. Tell me your opinions!


Looks good! I think the scene is not really that great for demonstrating bloom, you need more contrast.

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Thanks! Will try to play with the parameters a bit :slight_smile:

Awesome. What is the physics engine there?

Thank you! It’s CANNON.js running on a webworker.

love this! when is the engine going to be available?

Thanks! It’s already pretty stable but not yet documented. I’ll add WebRTC/WebSocket functionalities as well as OffscreenCanvas (if supported) and also Audio API then will document it around September possibly. I wanna make the full use out of what Javascript has to offer.

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Great demo! I like fading boxes effect. Also running smooth on my old 13 inch macbook.

Thank you!